New Museum Lighting Project in Royal Opera House Muscat

super narrow beam led spotlight for fine arts lighting

The museum lighting project of Musical Arts was opened on 17th January 2019 in Royal Opera House Muscat. The exhibition will tell the story of opera’s journey to Oman. Four hundred years ago in the early seventeenth century, opera was taking root in Venice, Italy. By the end of the century, it had spread to […]

Why Choose Extremely Narrow Beam angle Track Light Super Narrow Beam Downlight

super narrow beam angle light distribution

Why Choose Extremely Narrow Beam angle led Track Light Super Narrow Beam led Downlight Narrow Beam Downlight. With the developing advancement of LED chip, more and more high-density light-emitting LED chips are coming, light efficiency is also constantly improving, power is no longer the pursuit of lighting. Advances in LED technology which made the design of lamps more compact and […]

Why I Recommend You SNOW 7w 9w LED Track Light for Art Gallery Lighting System?

led track light for art gallery lighting system

1.Configuration + Appearance- SNOW Series for Art Gallery Lighting System Let’s see what’s SNOW for Art Gallery Lighting System appearance and specification as below picture. This design is unique in light fittings field. Simple, but elegant. Because of anodized surface makes this track light looks high-end. Good configuration: CREE LED + high-end Driver We provide […]

Find Out The Difference Between The Dimming Methods

What are the different methods used for dimming? Several methods are available to dim lighting. These dimming methods are categorised into three groups: Dimming of electrical potential (decrease in power): phase control Dimming of control signal (analogue): 0-10V, 1-10V Dimming of control signal (digital): DALI Phase control Phase control is a dimming technique based on […]

What’s LED?

Also see laser diode. A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. The light is not particularly bright, but in most LEDs it is monochromatic, occurring at a single wavelength. The output from an LED can range from red (at a wavelength of approximately 700 nanometers) to blue-violet (about […]

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