Why Choose Extremely Narrow Beam angle Track Light Super Narrow Beam Downlight

super narrow beam angle light distribution
Why Choose Extremely Narrow Beam angle led Track Light Super Narrow Beam led Downlight
Narrow Beam Downlight. With the developing advancement of LED chip, more and more high-density light-emitting LED chips are coming, light efficiency is also constantly improving, power is no longer the pursuit of lighting. Advances in LED technology which made the design of lamps more compact and simple.
At the same time, people’s understanding of key lighting and precision lighting has been deepened and recognized, which has led to the demand for LEDs with extremely narrow angles. At present, the LED lighting market has continuously appeared 12°, 10° or even 8° supper narrow beam angle lamps, which are widely used in high-altitude and precision lighting fields.
narrow beam angle 6° led downlight
Dothelight has developed a series of professional lamps that meet the high-altitude and precise illumination and have a precise angle of 6° narrow angle.
Among them, Dothelight 3W , 5w  6° series led ceiling downlight. Although the power is small, their extremely narrow concentrating effect gives off an amazing illuminance effect.
narrow beam led downlight
narrow beam led downlight (Click above picture to learn more 6° 3w led downlight)
As shown above, Dothelight 3W 6° led downlight ceiling series, 3M illumination distance, measured angle 5.8°, depth anti-glare, spot diameter 30.4CM, center illumination up to 863LUX, under the premise of only 3W. It is amazing to achieve such a high central illumination.
At the same time, Dotheligh 5W  6 °extremely narrow led downlight, measured 3M distance, measured angle 6.6 °, spot diameter 34.6CM, central illumination up to 1018LX, such high illumination, can be used at an altitude of about 6 meters, and It can meet the precise lighting needs of various high-rise commercial spaces.
In addition, Dothelight also have 6° family group lighting , covering both the ceiling series, the track series and the surface mounted series. It also has a dimming function, which is compatible with the intelligent control system and is more convenient and intelligent to use.
Dothelight’s  6° family of light can meet different installation methods, high-altitude spaces with different light and dark ratios, such as hollow villa space, high-rise hotel lobby and high-altitude dining. The following is a 6° series high-altitude lighting case with a light line effect:
7w 9w led track light zoomable lighitng for dinning room
7w 9w led track light zoomable lighitng for dinning room
Dothelight, a high-quality commercial lighting company, with a unique optical design and precise control of light quality, achieves a perfect interpretation of high-end commercial lighting . The first to bring the precise lighting concept of professional light control level into the high-end lighting space, especially in the high-end catering, villa, hotel lighting field, achieved consistent praise.
led track spot light for table lighting
led track spot light for table lighting
led track lighting for restaurant
led track lighting for restaurant
Dothelight will be study a series optical film accessories to improve the quality of light, and offer a high-end lighting solution for every customers.  
More information, wait for us next time.

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