New Museum Lighting Project in Royal Opera House Muscat

super narrow beam led spotlight for fine arts lighting

The museum lighting project of Musical Arts was opened on 17th January 2019 in Royal Opera House Muscat. The exhibition will tell the story of opera’s journey to Oman. Four hundred years ago in the early seventeenth century, opera was taking root in Venice, Italy. By the end of the century, it had spread to Italy’s finest cities; and in the eighteenth century, opera became Western Europe’s most widespread and popular musical art and would soon migrate to the Americas.  Opera came to Oman in 2011 when His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said established the Royal Opera House Muscat, honoring the distinguished history of world opera while building upon age-old traditions in the music of Oman.

In this exhibition, Do the light provided over 400+pcs led spotlights for the display cabinets. Both of them are 1w led recessed downlight, zommable 8° to 40°. In this exhibition, the designers need a lighting system which is 8~10pcs downlights work together in one cabinet. Do the light has a rich experience on lighting in museum cabinet. We use customized connectors for the connecting and make it easily–8~10 pcs downlights are connecting by T-type cable and dimming by 1pc dimmable driver and 1pc dimmer, just plug and play.

Here’re some pictures of the exhibition, which are taken by Royal Opera House Muscat

1 watt led display spotlight for Museum Lighting Project
mini led spotlight zoomable for Museum Lighting Project
Dothelight-Cabinet Lighting Idea
Dothelight- museum lighting project
Dothelight- Super Narrow Beam Led Spotlight in Museum Display Showcase

Exhibition: Opera-400 Years of Passion

Produced by the V&A Museum, London

Venue: Royal Opera House Muscat – House of Musical Arts, Sultanate of Oman

Photo by Royal Opera House Muscat and Cesar

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